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    Default Buttons

    Business Buttons




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    Shortcode Button Features

    • Button Title

      Set button title

    • Button Type

      Select the type of the button you will use.(The style values can be changed in Theme Option), 7 Different Styles and Unlimited Conbinations.

    • Set the button text align

      Set align for the button.

    • Do you want target attributes?

      All possible target styles. Open in a New Page, in a new window and in the same page

    • Background Color

      Set the background color you want.

    • Background Color on Hover

      Set the background color on hover as you want

    • Set Font and Border Color

      Set border and font color on hover and in normal mode.

    • Icon Color

      Set the icon color in normal and hover attribute.

    Unique and infinite ways to style buttons

    Specular theme offer different ways to style buttons. You can choose our predefined 7 styles and customize in unlimited ways.

    You can set the button color, font color and border color.

    Choose one icon and change icon color also on hover mode.

    Everything it customizable you will be impressed by the flexibility this theme offer for every need.

    Keep in mind that you can extend the customization by using the Theme Options too.